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Office Settings

Nowadays, we know that we are strongly influenced by the offices in which we work. However, there have been few detailed and scientifically verified findings relating to the complex interdependencies to date:

  • To what extent do different office environments affect motivation, performance and well-being?
  • What differences arise depending on different duty and activity profiles?
  • How does the time we spend in the office influence our feelings?
  • How well can we perform our duties in the office, at home or on the move?

By taking part in our survey lasting approx. 10-15 minutes, you will help us research the positive and negative effects of different office settings and enable us to use the results to make a contribute to the positive shaping of our working and living environments.


To thank you for taking part, we would be delighted to provide you with a summary of the study results should you wish.

Thank you for your support! Your Office 21 Project Team at the Fraunhofer IAO  (


It goes without saying that all the information you provide is completely anonymous and will be treated as confidential. If you provide us with your e-mail address so that we can send you the results of the study or enter you into the draw for tickets, it will be stored separately from the data record.


Instructions for completing the questionnaire:

Please answer the questions in each case based on your personal assessment and experience in your work environment.

Complete the questionnaire without deliberating for too long. The first answer that springs to mind is generally the right one.

Please try to complete all questions and statements. If you are unsure of a particular question or statement, select the answer that is most relevant at the present time.

A My duties and activities

1 In the section below, you will find several statements relating to your duties and activities. Please indicate in each case the extent to which you agree with the individual statements.

Yes, I thoroughly agree  I agree somewhat I agree partially / I disagree partially
I disagree somewhat No, I thoroughly disagree

In my work, I very often have to consult with others.

My work always involves cooperating closely with others.

My work involves numerous face-to-face discussions and meetings.

My work requires me to concentrate on my own for very long periods.

My work very often involves completing tasks at short notice.

My tasks are generally of a highly complex nature.

I am confronted with completely new tasks on a very regular basis.

I am able to decide for myself which resources and methods to use to achieve my objectives.

I am largely responsible for arranging my working hours.

I find it very easy to balance my personal commitments and interests with my working hours.

I find it very easy to balance my personal commitments and interests with my work location.

I am heavily involved in my home life (e.g. children).

My professional commitments generally take priority over those in my personal life.